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For those working with this old hardware, we offer our collection of manuals.

Teletype Corporation bulletins for Model 14 machines. (Most of these are from Jim Haynes' collection)

Bulletin Date Title Notes
1012/2 September 1931 Perforator Parts - Black and Green Early keyboard and perforator only unit
1028/2 February, 1936 Parts, Model 14 Type Bar Tape Printer The Model 14 shown in our videos
1048   Model 14 parts diagrams No cover page
1088/2 January, 1944 Parts, Typing Reperforator, Model 14 The most common Model 14 - keyboard/printer/punch
1108/2 February, 1948 Parts, Reperforator Transmitter (Model 14) A punch/reader combo used in switching centers
1131/1 April, 1946 Parts, Reversable Tape Transmitter (X18 and X19) (6 unit) An unusual Model 14 TD variant.
126/2 December, 1931 Description, Type Bar Tape Printer, Model 14 Model 14 tape printer overview (from Bitsavers)
127/3 September, 1946 Adjustments, Type Bar Tape Printer (Model 14) Companion adjustments manual
141B April, 1964 Description and Adjustments, Models 14 and 20 Transmittier Distributor ... Paper tape readers explained
165/4 January, 1954 Adjustments, Typing Reperforator (Model 14) PDF file page sizes are small, but can be zoomed in.
Some pages missing
172/2 October, 1943 Description, Typing Reperforator (Model 14) Overview manual - read this first
195/1 September, 1945 Description and Adjustments, Reversible Transmitter Companion manual to 1131/1
202/1 April, 1948 Description, Reperforator Transmitter, (Model 14) A punch/reader combo used in switching centers
203B April, 1948 Adjustments and Lubrication, Model 14 Reperforator Transmitter Distributor Companion manual to 202/1
P35 May, 1955 Bell System Practices, Model 14 Type Teletypewriters Wiring diagrams and field adjustments


Teletype Corporation bulletins for Model 15 machines.

Bulletin Date Title Notes
144 February, 1931 Description, Type Bar Page Printer (Model 15) Introduction to the classic Model 15 Teletype
138/4 October, 1941 Adjustments, Type Bar Page Printer (Model 15) Detailed adjustment and lubrication instructions
1110B December, 1943 Parts, Type Bar Page Printer (Model 15) Parts list. U.S. Army reprint of Teletype manual.

Fonts, codes, and typebars

Title Notes
Character set and typebar information Our notes on character sets and typebars

Steampunk operations

Date Title Notes
2013 Aetheric Message Machine Company Telegraph Office Operating Manual How to run a steampunk telegraph office






December 31, 2015