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All the necessary supplies for older Teletype machines are still available.

Teletype paper

Teletype roll paper

Teletype paper is easily available. Searching Google Shopping will display many sources. Most available paper is white, but occasionally the classic yellow Teletype paper shows up on eBay.

5/16" paper tape

Tape for Model 14 tape printers

We sell 5/16" paper tape for Model 14 tape printers. This tape is no longer commercially available. We have a supply custom-manufactured for us in China by Fujian Ningde Captain Industrial Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of precision paper tape for the semiconductor industry. Rolls are 8" outside diameter, 3" hub diameter, with 2600 feet of white un-gummed paper. We use this tape in our Model 14 with good results.
Quantity Price per roll Total Notes
Sample spool
One USPS Medium Flat Rate Box
One case in manufacturer's packaging
Shipped air freight from China.

Prices do not include shipping. Shipping for a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box is as quoted by the USPS.

Contact to purchase.

Punched paper tape rolls

Punched paper tape for reperforators

5-channel and 8-channel punched paper tape is available from West NC.

Nukote B76 ribbon



All the mechanical Teletype machines use the same 1/2" Underwood typewriter ribbons. These are available from several suppliers.

We've used both the Nukote and Scantracker ribbons. The Scantracker seems to provide darker print and has metal spools. The Nukote ribbon is easily available and does work.

We previously recommended the Scantracker SC-73 ribbon, but that is 9/16" wide. The correct width is 1/2".

Older ribbons manufactured by "Type Rite Ribbon Manufacturing" of Brooklyn, NY, sometimes seen on eBay, are of low quality and are not recommended. They flake off bits of ink into the machinery,the rivet which trips the ribbon reverse is not centered, and the end hooks are bent.

Valvoline oil


We recommend 0W-20 synthetic motor oil as a Teletype lubricant. A low-viscosity oil which will not leave a gunky residue is necessary. (WD-40 will not work.) Any large auto parts store will have a suitable synthetic oil.

Lucas Red-n-Tacky Grease


Lucas Red-n-Tacky Grease is useful on open gearing, as it will resist being thrown off by centrifugal force as the gears spin. Available from Amazon or larger auto parts stores.

White lithium grease is appropriate for sliding components where Teletype's lubrication instructions recommend "oil, grease, oil". This heavy, tacky grease is for gears only.

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