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Teletype Rentals

Model 15 Teletype prop, used for the stage production of Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins.

Available from Zach Theater Rentals, Austin, Texas.


We occasionally are contacted by television, movie, and theatrical productions which need Teletype machines for production purposes. We do not rent out our machines. Many collectors have been asked to lend machines to Hollywood productions, and many machines came back broken, or were not returned at all. We thus refer such requests to commercial prop houses.

We recommend these rental services, all of which have provided Teletype machines for major productions.

  • History for Hire - one of Hollywood's major prop houses. They have several Teletype machines.
  • Zach Theater Rentals - Austin, Texas. Zach has a Model 15 Teletype machine set up as a prop. It doesn't type,but can advance the paper and comes with a sound system which generates appropriate sounds. Recommended for stage productions, or for film/video work where a close-up of the machine typing is not needed.
  • The Museum of Communications - Seattle, Washington. The Museum has a broad range of Teletype machines. They will insist on sending one of their people with the equipment, and costs will accordingly be high.

December 31, 2015