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Become a Telegraph Operator or Messenger, at Clockwork Alchemy

The Aetheric Message Machine Company will have a steampunk Telegraph Office at Clockwork Alchemy in 2016, as we did the last four years. We have a regular staff, but we could use some extra volunteers to fill in. We're looking for two to three reliable people for a few hours to work in the Telegraph Office at the event. This is a volunteer job, and comes with the same registration discount deal as other Fanime/Clockwork Alchemy volunteer jobs.

Our office
The Telegraph Office at Clockwork Alchemy 2014

We make our office look like a real telegraph office. It looks so official that some people thought they weren't supposed to come in. Do come in and visit.

Anyone at the convention can send a telegram for free by texting from a cell phone. The messages are printed on antique printing telegraph equipment, stamped, sorted, put in envelopes, and delivered around the con by messengers.  We did this at three Nova Albion events, four Clockwork Alchemy events, and once at Maker Faire.

We have two things you can do: :

Operator: Works in the Telegraph Office and handles incoming messages from our brass and glass Aetheric Message Machine. Requires some typing and office skills.  You'll be in a highly visible location, a glass-fronted office facing the main corridor to the ballrooms at the Doubletree.

About half an hour of training is required. There's an instruction manual.For 2015, we're looking for people to fill in during busy periods to give our regular staff a break.

Messenger: Runs around the con delivering messages. Requires energy and a good voice. "Telegram for ..." You get a cap and a badge.

We need the most messengers Friday and Saturday afternoons.


This is a fun job to do in steampunk costume. It's cosplay where you get to play a role. You're handling real messages, using real antique machines, and do it in character. It gets busy, with the machines typing out messages and messengers running in and out.  We'll be operating for the same hours that the vendor room is open, Friday through Sunday.

Here's a video of the Telegraph Office in full operation at Clockwork Alchemy 2014.
Contact us at or leave a message here.
Each job comes with a hat - our Aetheric Messenger cap or a green eyeshade. And a brass badge.
The volunteer refund deal is the same as for other Fanime volunteers, and will be coordinated through the volunteer office.

December 31, 2015